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2. Share Shirts
Every shirt has a custom affiliate link.
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3. Get Paid
When someone clicks your link and buys a shirt, you earn cash.
There's no minimum to get paid, and very little waiting.
The Details
How do I share a shirt?
It's easy! Just copy your affiliate link and give it to your friends and enemies. Here are some suggestions for getting the word out:
  • Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and your favorite porn sites.
  • Print it on business cards and hand them out at church.
  • Spray paint it on walls and cars in your neighborhood. (don't do this)
  • Are you a slut? Get it tattooed on your genitals for maximum exposure!
Where do I find this so-called "affiliate link"?
First you have to be signed in to your account. If you don't have an account, fix that. Now just find the shirt you want in our catalog (click the WrongTees logo at the top to get started) and look for "Your affiliate link" at the top right.
How do clicks work?
When someone follows one of your affiliate links, we store a tiny cookie in their browser to let us know that you referred them. It lasts for at least 24 hours and is good on every product across our entire network of sites. If they make a purchase, you get a commission on every product in their cart!
Dirty money.
How much do I make?
$5 per item on any full price merchandise, and 10% on anything that's discounted or on sale. So if they order 4 shirts, you make twenty bucks!
Any exceptions?
If the customer enters a discount code during the checkout process, their order may not be eligible for commissions. Other than that, no exceptions! Every order counts.
How do I know when someone places an order?
We send you an email every time you earn a commission, unless you specify otherwise. This is an option that you can set in your Affiliate Account Manager.
When are commissions awarded?
You will be notified the instant an order is completed, but your commission will be listed as "pending" until the order is actually shipped. Once the package leaves our office, your commission will be finalized and reflected in your account balance.
How do I see my commissions, account balance, etc.?
Go to your Affiliate Account Manager and you'll find a list of all commissions, payouts, etc.
Getting Paid
How do I get paid?
We currently use PayPal to pay our affiliates. We are looking into other options but currently PayPal is it. When you request a payout, we will send a PayPal payment to your email address.
Does PayPal charge a fee?
Well actually yes, but they charge us a fee, not you. You get every cent you've earned.
When do I get paid?
Whenever you want! Anytime you have a positive account balance you can request a payout from your account manager. We currently perform a manual review of all payment requests before releasing payment, so there will be a brief delay before your payment is sent, usually less than 24 hours.
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